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Team Leadership

Understanding team dynamics is crucial in leading your crew to success. This training will broaden your range of leadership skills by providing a clear framework for analyzing group dynamics. Above water - as well as below. In addition, it will help you create common ground for a diverse group of individuals and lead them to a shared goal.
The course covers the following subjects:
" Team development according to Tuckman
" Dealing with sensitive issues and setbacks in your team
" Team leadership: the profile of an effective team leader
" Team Effectiveness Model: cornerstones of effective teams
" Collective ambition as an accelerator for motivation, commitment and results
" Clarifying roles and responsibilities in your team
" Team Leadership exercises
" Ranking, unwritten rules and other forms of group dynamics
" Building strong relationships between you and your team members
" The influence of culture on team work, sharing knowledge and planning
" Communication skills to build trust, cooperation and commitment