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BenCham is delighted to announce that this year's Christmas gathering will take place at the Bulgari Hotel in Liangmaqiao. Referred to as an 'urban resort', the property is located in the heart of the exclusive Embassy District.

To complement this cosy pre-Christmas atmosphere at the Terrace Suite, there will be free flow drinks and a variety of festive-themed canapés. Of course, Christmas music will accompany us throughout this soirée.
BenCham, at the courtesy of Sennheiser, KLM, Fokker Elmo and Godiva, will also hold a Lucky Draw with amazing prizes to win!

**Ticket includes drinks, festive-themed canapés and a raffle ticket.


Bulgari Hotel Beijing
Building 2 Courtyard No. 8 Xinyuan South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027
Beijing, Китай

+86 10 8555 8555

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