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BenCham Beijing, in cooperation with AustCham Beijing, BritCham, and NorAlumni China, would like to invite all Future Business Leaders and Young Professionals to attend a special night of networking at Arcade on Friday, January 12.
This event is a great opportunity to connect with Beijing’s next generation of passionate and innovative industry leaders. There’ll also be a chance to show off your skills in a table tennis and foosball tournament with a bar tab awarded to the winners. We’ve even got you covered for your pre-game carb loading with Common Burger cooking up delicious Commonwealth-inspired burgers.

RSVP now for a great night of fun at one of Beijing’s new hangouts!


5Lmeet GuoMao (Formerly Trader's Hotel), 1 Jianguimen Outer Street, Chaoyang District |

Bejijing, Beijing

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