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How to create a company or representative office in China? How to choose between a Joint venture (JV) and a Wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE)? What are the conditions on capital, management team or office address? What are the industrial fields encouraged, restricted or closed to foreign
investment? How to choose the company name and what’s the relation between company name and trademark? How to assign the shares of company? How to withdraw from a company? How to exercise your right as small shareholder? How to close a company? Our speakers will give you answers and advices on all these aspects.


Nicolas Bahmanyar

Legal advisor, Leaf

Fujian DAI

LLR China

Jeremy DAI

Founding Partner, AnJie Law Firm

Shujie Feng

Senior IP counsellor of LLR, HD Firm


CCIFC - French Chamber of Commerce Beijing
4 Gongti North Road,
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100027

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